2022 Dates

Sunday 3 April

Parent Information session in the church followed by Mass

St Michael’s Church

Followed by Mass

State & Private Schools St Michael’s Primary School
Opens: 4 April
Closes: 10 May
Sat 14, 21 & 28 May
Sun 15, 22 & 29 May

For state and independent school candidates: sacrament preparation lessons followed by evening Mass. Held over 3 consecutive weeks on either Saturday OR Sunday.

Parish Hall (Dorritt St)

St Michael’s Church

Mass 1 rehearsal: Sun 5 June
Mass 2 rehearsal: Sat 18 June
Mass 3 rehearsal: Sun 19 June

For all candidates: Reconciliation, Liturgy rehearsal followed by evening Mass. You must attend the rehearsal date that corresponds with your chosen Confirmation Mass date.

St Michael’s Church

Mass 1 rehearsal: Sun 5 June
Mass 2 rehearsal: Sat 18 June
Mass 3 rehearsal: Sun 19 June

Rite of Confirmation

St Michael’s Church

Celebrating Confirmation 2022


Fr Sam Lynch welcomes all parents of Confirmation candidates for 2022 to attend a parent information session and Mass. It will be held in St Michael’s Church on Sunday 2 April at 5pm and followed by Mass at 6pm.

Please note the children at St Michael’s Parish celebrate their Confirmation in Year 6 or above. They are required to be baptised in the Catholic faith and to have received their First Reconciliation and celebrated their first Holy Communion before celebrating Confirmation. If you child needs to receive either of the previous sacraments please contact the parish office to discuss ph 9427 2034.


State and independent school candidates prepare for their Confirmation with our sacramental teacher Mrs Lolina Aljasin. They are required to attend lessons in the Parish Hall then attend Mass over 3 weeks. St Michael’s Year 6 students will receive their lessons during school class time.


Reconciliation, liturgy rehearsal and mass attendance is scheduled in preparation for celebrating the Rite of Confirmation. It is compulsory that candidates make their Reconciliation and attend the liturgy rehearsal followed by evening Mass on the date that corresponds to the Confirmation Mass they have selected. Reconciliation will commence at 4.30pm then candidates will attend the rehearsal at 5pm and Mass at 6pm.

The Rite of Confirmation will be celebrated on 21, 22 & 23 June 2022 at 6pm. Please note these are new dates published 14/03/2022.

Candidates are to select one of the three Mass dates offered. When selecting the Confirmation Mass date please ensure you have full availability for the corresponding rehearsal date. The number of guests for each candidate will be dependent on any current government restrictions related to COVID-19 safety measures.


Candidates may choose a Confirmation name, or they can be confirmed using the name that they were given at baptism. If they wish to choose a confirmation name, that is the name the bishop will use when confirming them. So for example, if Mary Smith were to choose Bernadette as a confirmation name, the bishop would say when confirming her, “Bernadette, be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit”. If candidates decide to adopt a confirmation name they choose the name of a saint whose life has inspired them.


Before selecting a sponsor please read the message from Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP. Download here.


Enrolment for Confirmation can be made between 4 April and 1 May 2022 and may be accessed via the link below during this period.

Information required when booking include: Baptism and sacrament information, if not previously received at the Parish. Nominate a Confirmation name if taking a name other than their baptismal name. Nominate the name of their chosen sponsor and contact number of sponsor. There is a $30.00 program fee for State & Private school candidates participating in the after school lessons. There is no fee for St Michael’s Year 6 students who receive their instruction during class time.

Contact the Parish office on 9427 2034 if you require further information.

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