First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion will be celebrated in Term 2, 18th and 25th June, 2023.

2023 Program Dates



All candidates who completed their First Reconciliation through St Michael’s
in Term 1, 2023, will be emailed a registration link to select their Mass times for First Holy Communion.

If your child did NOT make their First Reconciliation at St Michael’s, please proceed with this enrolment form.

Enquiries to St Michael’s Parish Office

Sacramental Preparation Lessons

For all candidates, there will be 3 lessons held over 3 consecutive weeks in May and June 2023. This will start with Mass at 9.30 and then continue on (after morning tea) with a parent and child Activity at 10.30. The dates for the Sunday activities are:

Sunday 21 May 2023

Sunday 28 May 2023

Sunday 4 June 2023

The activities will be accompanied by a series of videos and online quizzes.

Rehearsal & Reconciliation

All students will attend a rehearsal prior to their First Holy Communion Mass. Please attend the time that corresponds with the chosen First Holy Communion Mass.
All students will need to come to the sacrament of Reconciliation before their First Holy Communion. State and Independent school students will be able to have their Reconciliation during the rehearsal.
St Michael’s students will come for Reconciliation during school hours.

First Holy Communion Masses

The First Holy Communion will be celebrated over two Masses at St Michael’s Church.

Mass 1: 18th June 2023 at 11.30am.

Mass 2: 25th June 2023 at 11.30am.

Celebrating First Holy Communion 2023

The children of St Michael’s Parish celebrate their First Holy Communion in Year 3 or above. They are required to have been baptised in the Catholic faith and to have received their First Reconciliation. If your child is baptised Catholic but is yet to receive their First Reconciliation, please enroll them in our First Reconciliation program. Program details are found under the First Reconciliation heading on the Sacrament menu.


We are pleased to celebrate First Holy Communion over two Masses in 2023. The first Mass will be held 18th June, and the second Mass will be held on 25th June. Both Masses will be celebrated at St Michael’s Church and commence at 11.30am.


To be advised.


All candidates from all schools within the Parish in Year 3 may prepare for their First Communion.

All candidates from state, independent schools and St Michael’s students are required to attend 3 lessons, held over 3 consecutive weeks: Sundays 21 May, 28 May and 4 June 2023. Full attendance is required.  You will be asked to indicate your Mass choice on the online booking form.


Mass rehearsals will take place for all candidates prior to the First Holy Communion Masses. Candidates must attend the rehearsal time that corresponds to their First Communion Mass selection. Please take this into consideration when booking your child’s First Communion Mass date as rehearsal attendance is mandatory.


Children who received their First Reconciliation at St Michael’s in 2023 will be sent an email requesting they indicate their Mass selection. If you have changed your email address or family details since First Reconciliation, please send through your new contact details to the Parish Office.

Those who made their First Reconciliation at another parish will need to complete a full enrolment form and attach their baptism certificate. For further information please contact the Parish Office: 9427 2034 or via email

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