To arrange a marriage at St Michael’s, contact the parish priest on 9427 2509. At this first meeting we will discuss available dates and what has to happen prior to the marriage. It is advisable to give at least six months’ notice prior to the marriage. You will need to bring with you copies of your birth certificates and recent copies of your baptismal certificates – i.e. issued within the last six months from the parish where you were baptised. What does it cost to get married at St Michael’s? The parish does not have a wedding fee, although it is customary to make a donation. You will be encouraged to consider a marriage preparation course, such as Becoming One, offered by CatholicCare.

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Got questions about getting
married in the Catholic Church?

Find your answers here! Questions range across inter-religious and inter-denominational marriages; they cover diverse delicate issues relating to personal circumstances (non-church going or ‘lapsed’ Catholics, people who have had abortions, vasectomies or tubal ligations etc); as well as addressing practical issues relating to preparing for the wedding ceremony.

  • Why should we bother with a Catholic wedding?
  • What are the requirements for marriage in the
    Catholic Church?
  • Will the Church let us have a Catholic wedding?
  • What are the requirements re marriage celebrants?
  • What are the promises and commitments in the
    wedding ceremony and what do they mean?
  • What are the requirements relating to marriage education?
  • How should we prepare for the Nuptial Mass and
    wedding ceremony?
  • What is the structure of the wedding ceremony
    (Catholic rite of marriage)?

This document is an authoritative source of Catholic teaching. It is a valuable resource both for couples contemplating marriage, for Catholic parents wishing to advise their children, and parish leaders seeking clarification on the teachings regarding weddings and marriage.

Click the link below, go to “Download now” and click on “Getting Married” to receive the document as a PDF file.

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